SXSL Letters

These giant S-X-S-L letters were my first project collaboration with Adam Savage and, but not my first gig for the White House.

Adam and I collaborated on the design, sending sketches back and forth via email. I fabricated each of the pieces at Open Works in Baltimore, where I CNC milled the profiles, then built each letter encasement like some huge lopsided cabinet - with a digital protractor, a dado set for the channels, and some frighteningly steep angles on the table saw.

Shawn Grimes wired them up and coded hundreds of programmable RGB LEDS, and we completed the final assembly with the help of fifty kids at Digital Harbor Foundation. We strapped the letters to the inside of a U-haul for their journey through Secret Service and onto the White House South Lawn the next day.

As the sun set behind the monuments in the distance, the letters lit up and cast their glow over the crowd - who could interact with the sign and change its colors via Twitter.