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Jen is a maker and mastermind of big, collaborative builds.

— A crowd-sourced replica of the Apollo 11 hatch, set of giant light-up letters for the Obama White House, an interactive puzzle hunt for SXSW, and a monumental 3D-printed sculpture of Rosie the Riveter.

Find her product reviews in Make: Magazine, her tool manuals at fabrication shops in Baltimore, and her builds with Adam Savage on Tested.com.

Jen is a NY native, who recently relocated from Baltimore to work at Adam’s legendary shop in San Francisco.

After years of studying "fine art" Jen began acquiring power tools, and these days finds herself covered in sawdust and solder more often than paint. She gets her best, most epic ideas in the shower, washing off said sawdust, and will someday pursue her dream to build a pop-out workshop / tentfort / tinyhome inside a tourbus, and travel the Americas.


E-snail! — The new old-fashioned way.

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